Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Halloween Poem

The Pagan Song 09 22 2010                

If you want to know the meaning of life
The answer my friend is hidden in the pumpkin shell
Hidden in the pumpkin shell today
So put on that clean new apron
And dawn the look of matron

Because the answer my friend is hidden in the pumpkin shell today
He would never crack a smile
So we’ll carve him some new teeth for awhile

He could never look you in the eye
So we’ll carve him two prone to slime sty

Now wipe off that steely knife
For the eyes you formed of strife

He would never smell when he was clean
So we’ll carve him a nose that’s mean

Does he have smarts to tap?
We’ll carve him a skull cap

He would never say what he did think
So well spoon out all that fibrous stink

To celebrate the creation of “mines”
We’ll give him a burning light that shines

We’ll sit him on the step all aglow
And no one we’ll ever know

And when his time is done and he starts to rot
The kids will come by and smash him open with one kick shot

But do not worry for our orange vegetable friend
Next year they will grow more in the dirty pumpkin field
To increase their carving yield

Thomas Paul Murphy

 Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy


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